Online Marketing

Would you like to be on the front page of Google tomorrow? We effectively create online marketing campaigns that place your company’s name in front of millions of potential customers who are looking for your products or services.

Online Marketing

Would you like to see your site on the front page of search engines? We can develop and manage your online marketing campaign. We use techniques taught by search engines to get your ads to the front page faster and cheaper than your competitors.

insite strategic group projected google adwords salesOnline sales will nearly double from 2009 to 2016.

With advances in mobile technology it has become increasingly easier to find products and services online and buy them with a touch of a button. We help companies expand their business into new markets to generate new leads and sales.

insite strategic group adwords click rate

Ads are a quick and easy way to place your products or services in front of people looking for you.

Of the 18% of users who click on ads, 85% will click on the top ads while only 13% will click on the side ad, leaving 2% for bottom ads and subsequent ads on following pages. If you do choose to advertise on Google, a little more money will get you a lot further in the long run.

We market your company on all platforms, and we are also able to offer anything from image ads, to videos and ads with the option to call your company directly.

Pull out your smart phone and Google a restaurant in your area. What are the most appealing links that pop up? Is there a option to call that restaurant immediately? Is the information you are looking for relevant? We make sure to study your customers to give them the information they are searching for immediately to help you break away from the rest of the clutter.

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